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The way we do Business is changing…

When Kodak went out of business 187,000 people lost their jobs. Instagram sold to Facebook for $1 billion dollars and they had 13 employees. This is just one example of what has led to an explosion in the “Gig” economy and Freelance opportunities. Currently 35% of the workforce is made of non-employees or independent contractors, and that number continues to grow rapidly. 

 Most traditional banks and processing companies were not prepared for this are are reluctant to provide their service to a business that operates out of their home and google maps makes it very easy to determine that which every underwriter is familiar with and uses to verify every application making it difficult for this business type to get an approval.

FinTech embraces the entrepreneurial spirit and it is that very philosophy that built the company. What the big banks view as a negative FinTech sees as a welcome opportunity to serve the businesses that they turn down by using our innovative solutions. FinTech also realize that many entrepreneurs may have had some credit issues along the way, we will not hold that against you, bad credit will not prevent you from getting approved for a merchant account with FinTech.

 If you are a Startup Company, Home Based Business or considered to be High Risk you will need to look long and hard to find a payment processor that will understand your needs like we can. So complete the form below and allow us to demonstrate what we do best and get the respect and attention you deserve. Simply complete the form below to get started.

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