Solutions For Merchants with Bad Credit

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Many successful entrepreneurs have had poor credit. Richard Branson, John Paul DeJoria, J.K. Rowling and Oprah Winfrey just to name a few on a very lengthy you’re in good company. Somebody had to take a shot with them and it paid off. FinTech will take a shot with you, We will not let bad credit be a reason to not Approve you for a Merchant Account.

Fintech uses “Auto Approval” to Guarantee Approval So Why Wait? We can Have You Approved in 24 Hours

The advantage of cutting out the middleman and working with the source​

Credit score can play a significant role in obtaining a merchant account especially with the larger banks and processing companies. Not all new businesses work out as planned and sometimes it may not be in your control resulting in bad credit, tax liens and in many times bankruptcy. Unfortunately those consequences can linger on for years. We are contacted every day by merchants that are in this situation.

Finding a specialist is not as easy as one may think. Many merchants do a google search and get thousands of results, the problem with that is the search usually results in working with a “middleman” which literally makes up 95% of the industry so you have a 5% of dealing with a decision maker, not very good odds..

So you get connected to a salesperson in a call center who may or may not have experience and who has absolutely no say in approving the account, their job is to just take applications no matter what and see what sticks. Sound familiar? Well you’re not alone. Going through this exercise a number of times and getting declined can be a very frustrating task, and that may be putting it mildly.

FinTech’s payment processing platform gives us decision making  ability, so when you work with us you are dealing directly with the source. We understand there is more to approving a merchant account than a FICO score and base our decision on the business model. This method has earned us an unprecedented track record in approving bad credit merchant accounts.

FinTech will also provide your business with the equipment your business needs to process your payments. Whether your business requires an EMV PCI compliant terminal for face to face transactions or a virtual terminal or payment gateway we will accommodate you with what you need at no cost for as long as you continue to process with us.

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