In-House Financing

Dealing with unexpected expenses can be difficult, so establishing financial arrangements can play a significant role in growing your business or practice. With our payment platform you can now have a virtual in-house financing department at your fingertips. My clients who have this platform and use it to offer payment plan options not only provide a way to help their clients and patients manage and budget their payments, but also benefit greatly by having more business than ever before.

Fintech has been the leading choice and is known for providing a streamlined solution utilized by businesses who send and email proposals and invoices to their clients and are paid with our embedded “Pay Now” button, and for businesses who use our automated recurring billing feature, so we took those two features and incorporated a simple interest calculator into our API to allow or merchant to be able offer its very own customized in-house payment plan.

It is very easy to use, and can be tailored to meet your clients needs, as an example, if they get paid every 2 weeks and you want to arrange their payments to coincide with that it can be set up that way as opposed to the more traditional loan payments of once per month. Just enter the clients information, the amount being financed, interest rate and frequency of payments and let our system do the rest, It will calculate the payments and term schedule for you. Our solution is fully automated so once the arrangements are set up the system will automatically debit the clients bank account for the agreed amount on the dates that were entered, we verify funds for each payment and then deposit the payment to your business account by the following business day.

The one thing that has remained very consistent is that more payment options will result in more sales, we have some businesses that have grown as much as 40% by offering this option. Contact us today for a demo and to learn more. No expensive equipment or software to install or purchase and no need to switch payment processors as this is a stand alone solution.

Every business is eligible to use our service but some of the businesses that benefit greatly are:
Cosmetic Dental Practices
Elective Surgery Practitioners
Veterinarian Practices
Law Offices
Skilled Service Trades, Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC technicians
Businesses offering Seller Financing

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