Offshore Merchant Accounts

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Offshore Incorporation

FinTech offers Incorporation Services at cost as part of our solution if needed. When doing business overseas you must establish a corporate entity. The most versatile type is an International Business Company or IBC and can be set up in 24 hours. This is an optional service that we provide as a complete offshore solution provide. You may hire your own source if you wish and of course if your business is currently incorporated offshore we can accept and use that, the Article of Incorporation is one of the required documents in the application process. 

Secure Offshore Solutions

FinTech has long standing solid business relationships with Acquiring Banks in Europe, Asia and the UK. We have established these partnerships over the years with our extensive experience in opening merchant accounts and working with Online Pharma, and Online Casino and Sportsbook Merchants.

Having stable and secure banking partners in this space is essential when working offshore and it is important that you work with someone that has experience that FinTech has to successfully navigate you through the process to ensure that it is as smooth and seamless possible. FinTech brings experience to the table and the ability to provide your business with an Offshore MID or AGG Merchant Account.

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