Guaranteed Merchant Account Approval

guaranteed payment processing

Industries We Accept and Approve

FinTech designed this solution for High Risk Businesses ANY business type qualifies, and we have had particular success with Financial Services.

Crowdfunding & Equity: Our platform works for this space giving the business a way to accept payments over the phone or online from an investor on the spot.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Forex Brokers: This industry requires money to be transferred in real time and is usually done by wire transfer our gateway will debit funds in real time remotely with the convenience of not having to leave home or office. Like wire transfers payments are irreversible so chargebacks are not an issue.

Accept Payments by Phone or Online

  • Includes Gateway & API Virtual Terminal

  • Funds are Debited in Real Time

  • No Chargebacks, No NSF’s

  • Same Day & Next Day Settlement

  • Unlimited Ticket Size & Uncapped Volume

  • Recurring Billing Feature

  • Hosted Payment Checkout on Website

Pricing: 2.99% + $0.30

Get set up and begin accepting payments within 48 hours.

Law Firms: The versatility of this program allows law firms to get creative and break their fees into a payment plan and collect them automatically with our recurring billing feature. All Law Firms qualify for this program even those who specialize in bankruptcy services.

Loan Modification & Payday Loans:

These two business verticals are typically limited to the payment options they can qualify for and use. We accept and approve these businesses for our service. Our recurring billing and chargeback proof platform along with real time debiting and daily settlements allow these businesses to operate more efficiently and streamlined.

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