We provide our Retail Merchants with a Clover POS system as a FREE PLACEMENT for as long as you process with us

free point of sale system

Reduce cost by Automating Operations and Increase Revenue by bringing in New Customers. We will Meet or Beat your your current payment processing rate and provide you with our equipment at no cost making it a true Win, Win for your Business. Our Account Managers will do a complimentary analysis to illustrate the impact this will have on your business.  This is a Limited Time Offer so, Contact us Today! 


Like cell phones and computers, Technology in the payments industry has evolved extremely rapidly over the past few years.

With Applepay, Google Wallet and the EMV chip card

mandate, major retailers are checking out customers more quickly and securely using high speed, touch screen POS Systems

that also manage their back office operations, and customers have come to expect the same fast service wherever they go.

FinTech has partnered with the top POS manufacturer to

provide a state of the art Point of Sale Payment System that offer the same great technology that their competitors have, and the best news is we place this system FREE of charge to our merchants!

Cost Savings and Increased Revenue

 Lets crunch some numbers…Our research shows that business owners who use an Integrated system like ours cut cost by an average of 10% per year by automating task reducing overhead. In addition to reducing cost our system is also comes equipped with and DataMiner Marketing Software  to bring in new customers and Loyalty Software to retain them. It also includes suggestive selling prompts to remind the cashier to prevent the opportunity from slipping by. Businesses using our software have documented an average of a 12% increase in sales.

So a business doing $25,000 per month in sales would increase their bottom line by $36,000 per year, couple that with the 10% or $33,600 savings the POS provides comes to a grand total of $69,600 per year.

Ask yourself a question; What type of impact would that have on your business?

Contact FinTech to have us put together a customized proposal for your business today.

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