Payment Processing Solutions for High Risk Merchants

Domestic & Offshore Merchant Accounts | ACH & e-Check | Gateway Integration | Chargeback Prevention

Guaranteed Approval For:

Cryptocurrency Exchanges 

Equity Raise/Crowdfunding

Private Placement Offering 

Investment Sales

Businesses on TMF / Match List

Who We Are

FinTech is a specialty High Risk Payment Processing Company.
We approve credit card processing merchant accounts for businesses that are considered high risk and “prohibited” by most merchant services providers, we are even able to approve merchants who have been placed on the TMF and MATCH List restoring their ability to accept payments. Our many years of extensive experience and established partnerships with banks and financial institutions both domestically and offshore make finding a solution that will streamline your businesses payments needs almost a certainty giving us one of the highest merchant account approval rates in the payments industry.
We integrate through multiple gateways and ensure your merchant account will work with your shopping cart solution. Our high risk credit card processing integration team can assist you with integration and answer any gateway questions.


Why Choose Us

We provide a speedy, convenient and flexible way for your business to get the payment processing services you need.
Built in Chargeback Mitigation
Integration with all Major Gateways & Shopping Carts
No Reserve Account Required
Recurring Billing
Next day settlement and deposit of funds
Most importantly, Fintech has the Highest Approval Rate in the Payment Card Industry and we NEVER charge an upfront fee.

Industries We Work With

What truly differentiates FinTech is our ability to approve businesses to accept payments that other providers turn down because they are considered “High Risk” or “Prohibited”. Unfortunately these businesses are automatically declined just because they are on the underwriters “Prohibited Business List”, business such as:

Businesses such as Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Crowdfunding Equity Raise, Investment Sales, Cannabis, and MLM.

These businesses never had a shot and are declined before the file is even looked at.

FinTech approves these business types every day. Simply put, we will approve ANY legal business.

We will never decline a business based solely on the industry they are in or for credit score.

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