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Use of Funds

There are no restriction on how you decide to use yours funds, However business discretion is advised.


The cost of this money is not the cheapest but that is relative to what it is used for and ROI.

The program is designed to be used as a financial instrument to bring you a net gain or to bring your business to the next level while having minimal impact on cash-flow.

Typical examples of a good use of funds would be to purchase inventory or equipment, advertising, business renovations, expanding or opening a new location. As an added benefit Fintech provides all of our clients with our cloud based marketing program that will Identify, Find and Keep the Right customers for your business.

Fundable Industries

FinTech has funded over 700 different industries. Business type is not part of our underwriting criteria. We will consider and accept any USA based legitimate business regardless of industry. Our underwriting is solely based on the businesses ability to repay.

FinTech realizes the importance of access to working capital in order to expand and grow your business. Unfortunately for many businesses a bank loan is not an option. Bank loans can be very time consuming and require strict underwriting  guidelines making it very difficult for a small business to qualify. Those are just naming a couple among many other reasons and red tape.

Fintech offers a solution for businesses facing that situation. We provide a short term speedy, convenient and flexible way to get access to the cash you need. 


Our funding decision is based strictly on the businesses model and cashflow not personal credit score and the business has to have been operating a minimum of 6 months, we do not offer financing on Startup businesses. Sales volume and revenue will determine the loan size amount your business qualifies for. FinTech will lend up to 15% of gross annualized sales or 150% of gross monthly sales.  

Terms and Payments 

The flexibility of this program is the most attractive benefits. We do not have a fixed terms or fixed payments instead the payback is based on a percentage of the sales. So we would ACH your account for 10-15% of your daily or weekly sales until the full amount funded to your business is repaid. By using the method it has a minimal impact on the  business’s cash flow; simply put “we only get paid when you get paid”.

Application and Time to Fund

We have an easy 1 page application that needs to be completed and submitted. When that is received you will receive a Term Sheet within 24 hours. Funding will take place 48 hours after Term Sheet is agreed to and signed off. Funds will be wired directly into your Business Account. Keeping in line with all FinTech products, there is no application fee or cost to apply.


We fund $10,000-$500,000.

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