PayPal Alternative Merchant Account

When PayPal first hit the scene it was revolutionary. It not only allowed you to send and accept money to family and friends but it also provided an immense asset for freelancers and small businesses to accept payments from clients and customers; what could be easier than  emailing an invoice and receiving the funds electronically? However, as the company continued to grow and expand it became more restrictive.

The biggest disadvantage of PayPal.

Freezing Accounts

  • PayPal is notorious for freezing accounts without warning. If its algorithm detects any suspicious activity in your account, PayPal will automatically go ahead and freeze your account along with the funds in it
  • Settlement of Funds
  • It It will take 3 to 5 business days to withdraw funds from your PayPal account, which might be a difficult pill to swallow if you’re financially tight.

Our PayPal Alternative will streamline your business and allow you to operate more efficiently by giving you the option to accept payments by the Phone, Online with our “Pay Now” Button, by E-mail Invoice or Text Message and our newest feature Image Capture. Funds are Verified in Real Time, and deposited into your account by the following business day without delay.

Other Features Include:

No Charge-backs
No Stop Payments
No Reserve Account Required
Recurring Billing
Stores Customer information to streamline future sales
Next day settlement and deposit of funds


Rate: 2 – 2.99% based on volume
Authorization Fee: $0.30 cents
Monthly Gateway Fee: $35.00
Virtual Terminal Set-Up $99.00

We accept any business regardless of credit or business type but below is an example of some of the more popular ones:

  1. Subscription-based online businesses
  2. If you have a membership businesses that require monthly fees, such as gyms and yoga studios
  3. Rental businesses, such as real estate management companies, and companies that rent furniture, appliances, or equipment
  4. Businesses that accept large sum payments, even single payments
  5. Nonprofit organizations that accepting monthly or annual donations
  6. Schools that require tuition payments
  7. Law Firms that utilize recurring payments and invoice payments
  8. Freelancers
  9. Cannabis Dispensaries
  10. Established, growing businesses that have been terminated by PayPal and want to offer more ways for their customers to pay and reduce their own costs at the same time.

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