What Is Remote Deposit Capture?

Remote deposit capture (RDC) is a technology-based method that lets banks accept your deposits using electronic images instead of the original physical paper variations. For you to use RDC the bank uses “for deposit only,” and scanned images of the check’s front and back. Then submits it electronically to the bank online or a cellular network using a computer or smartphone. Check 21 legislation that ended up being reliable in 2004 made RDC possible by allowing banks to accept check images in lieu of paper checks.

RDC lets banking clients utilize their tablets, computer systems or smart devices to easily deposit checks. The process removes trips to the bank, and checks can be transferred 24/7, not just during routine banking hours. Individuals may utilize remote deposit capture for their paychecks, gift checks, refund checks and any other checks they get. Organizations might utilize the technology to deposit checks they get from their consumers.

Advantages of RDC

RDC is not only easier for bank consumers; it likewise benefits the banks themselves. Banks do not have to transport physical checks and don’t need to get physical checks at ATMs as frequently. They can attract new customers who desire the benefit of remote deposit capture, and they can more quickly work with clients in remote geographical locations, given that it isn’t essential to go to a branch or ATM to deposit checks.

The check images used in remote deposit capture have to meet particular requirements. Such as being a minimum variety of dots per inch (DPI). Not being blurry. And not going beyond a specific file size and being in a specific file format such as JPEG. Banks likewise reserve the right not to accept specific types of checks by remote deposit capture. Starter checks, traveler’s checks and checks made out to someone other than the account holder.

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