Are You On The Member Alert To Control High-Risk (MATCH) List?

There is no question that one of the worst things that can happen to you and your business when it comes to you applying for a Merchant Account is finding out that you have been placed on the infamous MATCH list. MATCH stands for Member Alert to Control High-Risk. It is the national database related to merchants and business owners when your merchant accounts have been shut off or terminated. The MATCH system is also known as the TMF or Terminated Merchant File.

The MATCH database is contacted to enable us and other credit card processing providers or acquiring banks to identify you to see if you may be on a list. The list is made up of merchants that are considered high risk. It is designed to assist us to decide if we wish to enter into a processing contract with your business or not. It also helps to tell us to know if any former processor has lost money with you.

How Does This Effect Me and My Business?

Merchant Services Organizations keep your payment processing information file. Which contains data recorded by banks. When you are placed on the MATCH list you have had your merchant accounts terminated. All acquirers processors and organizations that underwrite merchant services are required to use the system get updated with your information when your business is more risky than anticipated.

The MATCH system keeps your information in their database for 5 years. Needless for me to say if you are one of these blacklisted merchants you will have major problems obtaining a new credit card processor. This being said if you are a  MATCH-listed merchant you should look for the most reputable processors in the industry. With my company the FinTech Group, you can get approved for a MATCH merchant account with little hassle. Our paperwork is very easy and my pre-qualification process is fast. has the highest approval rate in our industry for high-risk payment processing nationwide.  My team will have you approved and ready to accept payments in as little as 48 hours. You can apply online and check to find your answer to.  Are You on the Member Alert To Control High-Risk (MATCH) List HERE 

Are You On The Member Alert To Control High-Risk (MATCH) List

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