Stripe Payments- High Risk Merchant Account

Stripe Payments- High Risk Merchant Account

Stripe Payments- High Risk Merchant Account

Where Should You Turn When Stripe Payments Drops you for Being a “High Risk Merchant”?

You though all was well when you were approved with Stripe. You were a little surprised because you were advised that you might need a high risk merchant account. Then 2 months later without warning terminated your account and froze your funds!

When an aggregate credit card processor like Stripe terminates your merchant account it can be devastating. You need to scramble for what to do next quickly. At, we have heard your story many times because it happens so often. For this reason we have become experts in helping businesses like yours to recover with very little down-time.

Stripe is an aggregate and will use “auto approve” to open your account and then underwrite later. If your business is considered to be high risk or prohibited at that time Stripe will shut you off and leave you without a way to accept payments. provides a dedicated account and MID for your business.

What is a Dedicated MID High Risk Merchant Account?

A devoted high risk merchant account is just like the one you might have gotten with Stripe. Except that is is It’s custom-made made for individual merchants. These merchants are deemed risky to batch in with other Stripe merchant accounts for problems like high chargebacks or brand name conflicts. Fortunately, there are payment processors who specialize in helping these industries. Your account will have a Merchant ID Number (MID) you will not share your account with thousands of other companies. Stripe utilizes only one single account for their entire portfolio of merchants. They do this to hedge risk and guarantee quick approvals. As an aggregate, low risk payment processors onboard in high volume and decline accounts later on.

Discovering The Right Payment Processor

A merchant that needs to go with a high risk merchant account ought to seek specific qualities. If your site is losing money since your credit card processing has actually been put on hold then you’ll need to get an account quick. work with you to make the process as smooth as possible so you can start accepting credit cards again and put you back in business.

So, Stripe Drops your High Risk Merchant Account– Now What?

Chances are if you were shut off from one of the major aggregate merchant account providers like Stripe, it is just a matter of time until you are dropped from the others. That’s why it is best to seek out a high risk merchant account provider that has established relationships banks and financial institutions both domestic and offshore. If you require Stripe credit card processing options but were shut off, call us at FinTechMerchantAccounts for sustainable high risk payment solution.

FinTechMerchantAccounts is a leading High Risk Payment Processor for internet and e-commerce businesses. We are the “go to” solution for Stripe, Square and PayPal declines as well as merchants on the TMF and MATCH list. If you check any of the boxes in this post we can help. We look forward to work with you.

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