Stripe has made it easy for online businesses, and e-commerce merchants, to receive payments. More people are purchasing online and the customer reach is now worldwide. E-commerce businesses have had to update traditional methods of payment to match the increase in online sales.

Stripe has transformed the online payment processing landscape, and enabled businesses to access customers from around the world, and increase revenue.

However, Stripe is not without its problems and online businesses should consider the alternative methods on online processing of payments.


Stripe is not without its faults, these include:

Poor customer service: Customers expect high standards of customer service. Stripe does not meet and manage the expectations of its clients.

Stripe has unresponsive customer service.

Businesses report Stripe as being not user friendly.

Fraud: One of the biggest problems with Stripe is that there can be insufficient protection against online fraud.

There is little offered in the way of protection.

Assessing financial risk: if Stripe thinks you are a business that poses a financial risk it will not want to allow you access to its services. If you lose your stripe account you also lose valuable customers.

Stripe dies not provide businesses with an individual merchant account. The accounts are all collated within one pooled account. This also means that Stripe have complete autonomy over your account and can terminate it without warning.


There are alternatives to Stripe out there. FinTechMerchantAccounts provides:


In addition, we deliver a tailor-made service for you.

FinTechMerchantAccounts offer support to companies banned from Stripe.

FinTechMerchantAccounts will meet the needs of your commercial activities.

You may want to switch to Paypal, however, Paypal is like Stripe in that it is a huge payment processing platform, therefore it retains full control over whether companies are able to use it or not.

Additionally, if Stripe has banned your business it is likely that other large online payment platforms will do the same.

FinTechMerchantAccounts can provide you with the certainty you need.


There are various reasons why some merchants look for alternatives to Stripe. Merchants are always looking for increasing flexibility as they adapt to an ever changing e-commerce market, and landscape. Stripe is a good payment gateway, but it is not the only one, and basically for some businesses it is not a feasible gateway at all.

You may need increasing flexibility, and want to minimise costs. Perhaps Stripe is not available in your country or is not the right fit. Whatever the reason you are looking for an alternative, you should know that FinTechMerchantAccounts is a strong and viable alternative to Stripe.


Are you considered to be a high risk merchant account from a payment processing perspective? If so FinTechMerchantAccounts can help you. Firstly, we specialise in working with high risk businesses including:

Businesses on the Terminated Merchant File

Businesses on MATCH (Member Alert to Control High Risk)

Secondly, FinTechMerchantAccounts offer tailored and personalized solutions for e-commerce merchants, ensuring you have access to online payment processing.

In addition, we work with your business and support you in your endeavors. Moreover, we will manage the risk with you. You can continue to take customer payments online with ease, and continue to grow successfully.

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