What Are Remote Deposit Capture Accounts?


Remote deposit capture

Businesses around the world are making the shift from accepting credit card payments and using a service called remote deposit capture. Many companies struggle with how best to structure their remote deposit capture process in order to remain competitive and meet the needs of their clients. One key element of any good remote deposit capture system is an effective customer service program. If your business is able to effectively support your clients, you are more apt to retain them and become repeat customers.


If your business decides to accept payments through remote deposit capture, you have several options. You can set up a business account that will act as a merchant account for your clients. Alternatively, you can use your current bank or financial institution as your provider. Either way, you still need to educate your clients on how their transactions work. When the money will be available to them, how the transaction fees will be assessed. This can take some time, but when done correctly, it can provide you with a complete and transparent service for your client.

An Experienced Payment Processor Is Often The Best Choice

Since these businesses have an established reputation and have likely done business with many customers before. They will already understand how your business works and have the customer support you need. Another benefit is they have a great deal of experience dealing with the various issues that may arise. When a business has such a solid knowledge of its own operations, it is much more likely to take the time to address your concerns quickly and efficiently.

Remote Deposit Capture Same-Day Deposits

RDC is often compared to ACH payments. One of the best parts of remote deposit capture services is that they will deposit the funds into your account the same day. ACH can take 3-5 days before the deposit hits your account.  

Remote deposit capture can be a very useful service. If you are interested in one of these accounts, you should take some time to consider all of the different options available to you. Some of them require a yearly fee, while others are completely free. When you are choosing a company, it is important to think about how your money will be used and when you will most likely need access to it. This will help you to choose a bank that offers the features you need at the best possible price.

It’s really a no brainer. Remote deposit capture keeps your money in your pocket where it belongs. 

Why Choose FintechMerchantAccounts

FintechMerchantAccounts uses RDC as an alternative to credit card processing. We work with many businesses that are high risk so this solution works. We find that it is a better option because it combines the liberal underwriting of e-check while using the bank rails for electronic deposits. The best part is deposits are made the same day without delay. Call us today to get signed up at 617-917-7235. If you just want more information click HERE and we will email you a summary.

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