Online Merchant Services

Online Merchant Services

Online merchant services

One of the factors that will determine the success of your online business is the availability of flexible payment options for your customers. As your business expands, you are likely to encounter a diverse range of customers. While some customers may prefer classic credit cards, others may opt for more modern options like PayPal or Apple Pay. It’s your responsibility to keep all of them satisfied, and the only way to achieve this is by using a reliable online merchant service provider like FinTech Group.

As a top player in the payment processing industry, we offer your business unlimited access to hundreds of payment networks worldwide. Over the years, we have provided merchant services for mid-size and small business owners in the ‘high and low-risk’ industries alike. We judge businesses based on their merits, and we have the highest merchant approval rate in the payment industry. There’s no doubt that a partnership with us will project your business to the next phase of growth.

How do you determine the best merchant service providers?

Business owners looking for companies that specialize in global merchant services and online transaction processing would have a variety of options to pick from. However, it is crucial to carefully evaluate the merits and demerits of each company before making a choice. Ultimately, the best merchant services provider for your business would be the one that perfectly serves your needs. But here are some of the attributes that the top company in the industry have in common:

All-in-one solutions

The best merchant services providers typically offer comprehensive payment solutions for the businesses they serve. These solutions may range from merchant accounts, end-to-end payments processing, payment gateways, and POS. Working with a company that can serve all your needs facilitates ease of doing business while ensuring there’s little or no mix-ups in your accounting system.

Great customer service

The nature of online merchant services is such that complaints are almost inevitable. However, the best online payment processing companies set themselves apart by promptly and efficiently resolving customer complaints. It’s your cue that they value your business as a client and consider you a top priority.


Before trusting anyone with your money, you must ensure they are relatively impervious to security breaches. FinTech Group considers herself one of the best online merchant services providers, and we do not take security with levity. Whether it’s your money, company details, or customer information, you can rest assured that we adhere to the highest privacy and security standards.


The ideal online merchant services provider for mid-size or small business owners would offer a great deal of flexibility. You should be able to negotiate shorter contract lengths and contract terms that are tailored to your business needs.

FinTech Group ticks all the boxes

Even if we do not like to blow our trumpet, we can’t help but admit that our online payment processing services tick all these boxes. We are convinced that we offer the best credit card processing services for small businesses. Thinking about proving us wrong? There’s only one way to go about it- request a quote for our services and give us a trial.
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