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A  gaming merchant account is vital for online services in this distinct industry. provides payment processing options for online gaming websites domestic and offshore. We are your credit card processing solution at rates that assist you to win.

Need A Gaming Merchant Account?
FintechMerchantAccounts is leading the market when it comes to providing casino and online gaming merchant accounts. We authorize high risk merchant accounts with the services you require to effectively run your eCommerce organization.

Online Gaming Processing
Debit and credit cards are the natural development for online video gaming organizations. Nowadays, with the integration of app games and smart devices, the market continues to grow. So, where do you go when you require a sustainable online gaming merchant account? Traditionally banks aren’t the route. Fortunately, business that specialize in high risk merchant accounts are a perfect fit.

There are certain regulations in online gaming or gaming services. To that point, some states may restrict the industry as a whole. As a result, nationwide online gaming is categorized as high risk.

Online Gaming Payment Gateway
One small downside to utilizing an online gaming payment gateway is the rate premium. On other side of that coin, standard banks do not underwrite these accounts.

Online Gaming Chargebacks

A typical issue in a gaming merchant account is a chargeback. If people lose bets and desire their money back, there’s a high risk of sustaining excessive chargebacks. A chargeback is when the customer challenges a charge on their debit or credit card by declaring not to have licensed the purchase or saying they didn’t receive what they spent for.

They may give any number of excuses as to why they ‘d like a chargeback. They may state, the charge isn’t one they acknowledge, or that they never ever got the item they bought. Others declare the item wasn’t what they expected it to be or is faulty.

Was Your Account Shut Down By Your Processor?
Regardless of the reason, the consumer used to dispute the transaction you’ll have a mark on your account. Next, the disputed funds are taken from your bank account. In this case, the bank is the judge.

What can an online gaming merchant do to avoid chargebacks? You are given a chance to refute the customer and prove that the charge indeed, was authorized. In this case, the funds would be launched back to you.

Online Gaming Credit Card Processing

The main factor you require a high risk credit card processing account for your organization is to avoid the possibilities of your merchant account being shut down. The bank can close your account and hold funds, even without notification.

When you begin with the ideal merchant account, you increase the prolonged longevity of the account. Oftentimes, the bank’s underwriting or due-diligence does not end after the account has actually been opened. Which means, there is ongoing risk monitoring that is connected with all low-risk merchant accounts.

Select A High Risk Merchant Account
If an account has actually been opened under incorrect pretenses or business design is considered high risk after the truth, expect the account to be closed. Alternatively, starting out with the best high risk merchant account betters the chances that the getting banks will be more lax.

The label of high-risk merchant isn’t taboo. Aspects such as your market, location, and even the clients can categorize your organization and use that high-risk merchant label. Just due to the fact that you may be more challenging to finance, doesn’t indicate you can’t get the merchant processing your service requirements.

Online Gaming companies deal with high amounts of credit card chargebacks frequently due the following factors:

Claims of scams
High-ticket items
Betting laws and government policies
How Can Help With My Online Gaming Merchant Account?

Payment processing for online gaming merchants can be difficult to come by. As is popular by banks, the industry itself has a reputation for running invalid businesses. In addition, there are high risk concerns that underwriters look for when processing your application. In point of truth, conventional banks don’t wish to assume the danger involved with providing online merchant accounts as a whole.

Due to the fact that processors are handling a possibly greater financial concern in these scenarios, they’re more careful and examine whether the merchant itself is handling risks that might not be essential. Unneeded dangers might consist of excess chargebacks, low credit report, overdue costs or late payments, and negative account balances.

Therefore, tie up any loose ends you might have before sending an application for an online gaming merchant account. In addition, repair any credit report problems and make sure your financial obligations are in good standing. Banks look favorably on your account if you have a decent amount of liquid possessions (cash in cost savings) at the time of application. Provides Online Gaming Merchant Accounts is leading the market of payment processing, specifically for high risk merchants. We help companies who need to acquire an online gaming merchant account and run a sustainable business. The procedure is easy, so you can concentrate on more crucial things. And when you start your payment processing with the best business, you’re setting your organization up for success right from the get-go. There are a number of organization models in the online gaming market that can help to get payment processing for, these include and are not limited to:

Mobile Gaming
Social Gaming
Online Gambling
Multiplayer Online Gaming
Online Poker
Horse Race Betting

We have the know-how and the experience to get online gaming merchants the payment processing they need. If you were dropped from other credit processors, have a history of chargebacks, or even having bad credit, we will work with you to get your video gaming merchant account approved.

Why understands the special needs of various online gaming related companies and has established 24+ obtaining banking relationships. We are experts in getting online gaming websites approved to accept online payments.

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