Online Credit Card Payment Processing

Businesses of all sizes and complexity will at some point seek online credit card payment processing if they plan selling products or services on the big World Wide Web. And the reason for this is to enhance their customer base by providing them with a variety of payment options. But, quality online credit card payment processing can be hard to come by, and getting information on pricing is sometimes even more difficult. However, e-commerce solutions and payment processing services will allow businesses to tailor a solution to their unique needs. It’s important to understand that as your business grows and requirements change, payment gateways should be designed to grow and change with them. Choosing the best online credit card payment processing provider is essential for your businesses success.

Great Opportunities Can Come From An Unexpected Answer

Most new business owners think their own bank will be responsive when it comes to their request for a new merchant account for online credit card payment processing. But, it’s only after receiving a rejection that it becomes apparent that the bank is not always on your side. Fortunately, great opportunities can come from an unexpected or undesired answer. Don’t let an unexpected denial keep you from moving forward in your quest to grow a successful Web business. FinTech Group is ahead of the game and always has a solution in mind for businesses. We say yes to our clients when all other lenders and financial agencies say no to your merchant account. For example, we make it possible for you to integrate Shopify payments into your Website’s PayPal payment portal, so more customers and clients can do business with you.

FinTech Group is considered the best company to work with for online credit card payment processing. Especially, if you need to accept credit card payments online but have been turned down by your bank or local financial institution. Online credit card processing is a must when building a business on the World Wide Web. But, for some approval could be declined or in question if you fall within the category of high-risk businesses. There are many ways to accept credit cards on your website, and speaking with specialists in the payments industry are worth seeking. Qualified online credit card payment processing specialists can walk you through the steps of applying for a high risk merchant account. At FinTech Group, we want to see your small or large business succeed!

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Determining Which Providers Are Best For Online Credit Card Payment Processing

Business owners looking for companies that specialize in global merchant services and online credit card payment processing should do some research. It is crucial to carefully evaluate the merits and demerits of each company before making a choice for your business. Ultimately, the best provider for online credit card payment processing would be the one that perfectly serves the needs of your business. When comparing the best online credit card payment processing companies, ensure they offer the basic yet essential attributes. Although all businesses are not the same, and have different needs for payment options- variety is good. Most merchant services top companies in the industry have these attributes in common:

All-In-One Solutions

The best merchant services providers typically offer comprehensive online credit card payment processing solutions for the businesses they serve. Or in other words, all-in-one solutions. These solutions may range from Merchant Accounts, End-to-End Payments Processing, Payment Gateways, and POS. Working with a company that can serve all your needs facilitates ease of doing business while ensuring there’s little or no mix-ups in your accounting system.

Great Customer Service

The nature of online merchant services and credit card processing is such that complaints are almost inevitable. However, the best online payment processing companies set themselves apart by promptly and efficiently resolving customer complaints. It’s your cue that they value your business as a client and consider you a top priority. Great customer service is not only essential to your needs, but for your business as well.


Before trusting anyone with your money, you must ensure they are relatively impervious to security breaches. FinTech Group for example, considers themselves to be one of the best online credit card payment processing and merchant services providers. And that can be attributed to the fact that they do not take security with levity. Whether it’s your money, company details, or customer information, you should be rest assured that merchant services adhere to the highest privacy and security standards. Security breaches can cost a business a lot of time and money.


One of the factors that will determine the success of your online business is the availability of flexible payment options for your customers. As your business expands, you are likely to encounter a diverse range of customers. While some customers may prefer classic credit cards, others may opt for more modern options like PayPal or Apple Pay. It’s your responsibility as a successful business owner to keep all your customers satisfied. Therefore an ideal online credit card payment processing provider for business owners should offer a great deal of flexibility. You should be able to negotiate shorter contract lengths and contract terms that are tailored to your business needs. Just as business needs and wants change and flex, so should your provider for online credit card payment processing.

Using a reliable online credit card payment processing service provider like FinTech Group is a wise choice for flexibility. As a top player in the payment processing industry, we offer your business unlimited access to hundreds of payment networks worldwide. Over the years, we have provided merchant services for mid-size and small business owners in the ‘high and low-risk’ industries alike. We judge businesses based on their merits, and we have the highest merchant approval rate in the payment industry. There’s no doubt that a partnership with us will ensure the optimal online credit card payment processing.

While most business owners might think online credit card payment processing providers don’t want to reveal their pricing due to high costs, the major reason is because pricing has to be modified for each merchant based on a number of factors. For example, FinTech charges a monthly fee of $35 for e-commerce businesses that require a payment gateway to connect to their online shopping cart. In addition, they also charge an authorization fee of $0.30 cents and a virtual terminal set-up fee of $99. Researching the costs and fees associated with online credit card payment processing can come into play when choosing which provider is best for your business.
Offshore Incorporation Services Are Available

FinTech offers Incorporation Services at cost as part of our solution if needed. When doing business or online credit card payment processing overseas, you must establish a corporate entity. The most versatile type is an International Business Company or IBC, which can be set up in 24 hours. This is an optional service that we provide as a complete offshore solution. You may hire your own source if you wish, and of course if your business is currently incorporated offshore we can accept and use that. Note that the Article of Incorporation is one of the required documents in the application process.

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FinTech Payment Feature

A payment gateway provides the connection between the bank that processes any credit/debit card transaction and online payment. FinTech offers a payment gateway that is compatible with most payment processors, shopping carts, and POS. FinTech has partnered with the best POS manufacturer in the industry to provide a state-of-art POS payment system that provides great technology, and what makes it more interesting and unique is that the system is free of charge to all FinTech merchants.

In addition, FinTech offers a PayPal Alternative that will streamline your business and let you run more efficiently by giving you the option to accept payments online with the “Pay Now” option, Text Message, or Email Invoice and the company’s latest feature Image Capture.

Whether your business requires payment gateway or EMV PCI compliant terminal for a virtual terminal or face-to-face transactions, FinTech will accommodate your needs at no cost so long you process with us.

Why FinTech Group May Be The Right Fit For Your Business

Taking the time to research different options for online credit card payment processing can help you determine the needs of your business. By comparing FinTech Groups services and rates with other providers, you will quickly see that it’s our unwavering commitment to your success that sets us apart from the crowd. We’ll connect you with a payment processing solution that fits your budget and makes it possible for you to expand your business worldwide. Our payment processing services include the following features:

  • No reserve account required.
  • Recurrent billing.
  • Integration with all major gateways and shopping carts.
  • Built in chargeback mitigation.
  • Next day deposit of funds.
  • The highest approval rate in the industry.
  • No upfront fees.

There are plenty of credit card payment processing companies that accept high-risk business types. Some of these companies specialize in a high-risk business, while others consider the high-risk section to just be a part of their overall business. But, FinTech is one of the best high risk credit card payment processing companies on the market for businesses.

Guaranteed Online Credit Card Payment Processing Account

What if your merchant account was guaranteed before you even applied? With FinTech Group, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will not receive a rejection notice from us after applying for a merchant account. Chat live with one of our agents right now or call a FinTech Group expert who can answer your questions and help you get set up today- so you can accept credit card payments online immediately. With FinTech Group, all business types qualify for a merchant account with online credit card payment processing.

We Still Support Poor Credit

FinTech stands out from other merchant account and credit card providers because it specifically works with merchants with poor credit. A credit score can have a huge role in getting a merchant account, especially with bigger processing companies and banks. FinTech is a high risk credit card processing company that understands that there is more to approving an account than a bad credit score, so they based their decision on your business model. This feature has earned the company an extraordinary track record in approving the high risk merchant account of those with bad credit.

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FinTech Group Customer Support

FinTech offers dedicated around-the-clock customer support and customer care services. Such examples are an in-house support team that is available by phone and email. Usually, customer service is one of the most complaints about most online credit card payment processing providers. The fact that FinTech has minimal complaints about its customer support says a lot about them. As with many things in business, sometimes the proof is int he pudding.

Proof Is In The Pudding – Read Our Reviews

See what our clients say about our services when you type the name “FinTech Group” into your preferred directory. If you’ve come up against a wall and can’t see any way to move forward, you’ll find we are a strong advocate for businesses like yours. Many of our high-risk category clients particularly, have found that our payment processing solutions are the best way to go. As a business owner, you will find out just how important reviews from customers are first hand.

Closing Thoughts

FinTech Group takes pride in being one of the top online credit card payment processing providers. FinTechs welcoming attitude, fair business practices to high risk merchants with poor credit, lack of complaints, and customer service make them a top choice. They prove to be a great company that works with businesses that might not otherwise have a chance to succeed. Again, with incredible high-risk merchant pay reviews, knowledgeable customer service and essential features, FinTech has proven to be the best online credit card payment processing provider. Contact us today and start accepting credit card payments for your businesses success!