Online Cannabis Payment Processing

Online Cannabis Payment Processing

Marijuana’s legality in your state does not always mean you can pay for it with a credit card. The confounding state of the business only allows some dispensaries to accept credit cards. Most major credit card networks do not have merchant codes for the sale of Marijuana and will terminate any account that disregards the policy.

An online cannabis seller should be careful in finding payment processing that will ease their business development. The best Marijuana merchant accounts understand the in-depth environment surrounding online payments. You will not find these lessons among the bucket-shop merchants who do not know how to process the legalities of the industry.

Tips for choosing a cannabis payment processing solution

Confirm their legal comprehension

You should ensure that the online cannabis payment processing firm understands the complicated laws surrounding the business. The process requires an in-depth understanding and familiarity with DOJ, CSA, and other legal amendments that govern the industry. An excellent provider will give you fast access to your money and ensure that the processing is stable and secure.


Different merchant companies have different payment services. There are two major payment gateways:

  • Ecommerce business model
  • High-risk processor

A payment processor with these types of options includes several protection tools, such as 3D security, card storing, token systems, and other fraud protection systems. The additional processing layer prevents clients from encountering transactional blocks and unnecessary chargeback fees.


The most genuine firms will not charge a string of monthly fees. Understanding every aspect of a transaction will let you know if the provider charges a fee on every transaction, admin operations, and installation.

Dishonest merchant providers will have hidden blended fees that throw off your budget. Adequate cannabis fees should cater to the high risk of the business without exploiting your revenue. A good rule of thumb is to find a provider who does not have a flat exceeding six percent.


Cannabis is a Schedule I drug and therefore adheres to several federal and local laws. Many providers are content with processing small amounts but will abandon you when the business grows. Long-term cannabis banking and payment processing solutions should let you know of their capability to handle large payments.

Continuous support

The Marijuana industry undergoes continuous change due to constant changes in legalities. A small change could mean that the payment processor should change the transactional process.

The chosen payment processing may not be compatible with your business after you set up a Shopify and website. Top cannabis payment processing solutions have immediate and full-time technical support to overcome barriers on your website or payment portal. You will not have to switch from FinTech’s platform or any of the payment gateways because we understand the hassle of the process.

Small partners

Small platforms will be more eager to take up your transactions, in comparison to large banks. Banks avoid the processing of Marijuana transactions because they do not want to handle the legal laws of the business or face termination due to an illegal transaction. Our online cannabis payment processing is eager to offer you unmatched support to elevate your business for the long haul.

Online Cannabis Payment Processing
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