Offshore Credit Card Processing

Processing Credit Cards With An Offshore Merchant Account

FinTech Merchant Accounts provides the very best offshore credit card processing solutions and merchant accounts solutions for businesses who are considered high-risk businesses or want to expand and accept payments globally.

Offshore payment processing offers a dependable and cost-effective solution for online payments to businesses. Business owners can accept credit card payments in multiple currencies. Offshore credit card processing services also enable the merchants to accept various types of credit cards aside from the large and common brands such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

In the fast-paced eCommerce world of today, offshore merchant accounts enable online businesses to increase sales volumes significantly and facilitate them in maximizing sales and boosting profits.

Why Offshore Credit Card Processing Services

Offshore credit card processing has many benefits, including tax advantages and protection against currency fluctuations. By processing payments offshore, offshore credit card processing has become one of the best practices of online credit card processing services. Through secured servers, customers can now easily make purchases online.

With the offshore merchant accounts that offer online credit card processing services, the business owners not only get exceptional tax reduction benefits but also enable the merchants to accept payments in multiple currencies.

Possible tax benefits: Investing in countries such as Ireland, Gibraltar or Malta are excellent alternatives for processing payments offshore. All three are reasonably low-tax countries yet very reputable.

Offshore banks offer leniency: Not all businesses that choose offshore payment processing are high risk, but many, many high-risk businesses look at offshore banks for payment processing for good reason: offshore banks are far more liberal than domestic banks and will accept industries such as adult content, online gambling and gaming, dating and many more. The drawback is that offshore merchant accounts usually are more expensive than domestic (contingent on the bank with which a merchant is partnered).

High volume merchant solutions:

Similar to our point above, international and offshore banks are also liberal with a business’s volume limits. Merchants in nutraceutical, pharmaceutical or multilevel marketing usually seek offshore or international payment processing solutions due to the generous volume caps.

Access to new, emerging markets: With an offshore merchant account, an e-commerce merchant, for example, in the U.S., is opening his/her doors to the world. Recently we blogged about a study we read which claimed 1/3 of U.S. e-commerce merchants surveyed have plans to pursue business registrations in Europe.

Easy company registrations: Through a partner, FMA recently announced it can offer easy company registrations in Europe to assist e-commerce businesses in expanding their marketplace. Registering a business in another country can be difficult. Instabill can provide the necessities including a suitable office location, necessary staff, EU bank account, and shareholders.

In Conclusion:

Due to an increase in the demand for high-risk merchant processing the demand for offshore merchant accounts services has also increased. High-risk businesses such as online casinos, pharmaceuticals, and online gambling have started relying heavily on an offshore merchant account. As a result of offshore credit card processing, as it offers secure jurisdiction and a steady market.

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