Kratom Merchant Account

Kratom Merchant Account

Kratom Merchant Account

Obtaining a kratom merchant account to process payments is not a simple task for kratom sellers. Seeing that you are reading my page I’m sure you are currently experiencing that. Unfortunately due to the controversy of the legality kratom is considered high risk and prohibited from a payment processing point of view. I always felt that it needed to be easier to obtain a high risk merchant account to process kratom. So I developed and designed an affordable payment solution for kratom sellers. Now you can easily get a kratom merchant account and accept credit card payments.

Why Is Kratom A High Risk Business?

In addition to what I described above there are also other factors that make kratom high risk. Higher than average chargeback ratios in the industry is also a reason that Kratom ended up being high risk. Keep in mind to avoid a chargeback from your buyers you need to have a simple and extremely liberal return policy. If you get lots of chargebacks then you run the risk of having your merchant account shut off. You may also blacklisted from getting another account with other payment processors.

If your buyer claims they are disappointed then refunded them is your best option you can take to avoid that your merchant account does not get jeopardized. It’s simply your cost of doing business as a kratom seller. You are going to take a hit on those but in the long run you will find it’s worth the expense.

Kratom merchant account

How Does Congress View Kratom?

There is some unease with the USA congress  about selling kratom due to the the issues with it that you read about. Kratom consists of some natural properties that make it potentially a controlled substance. That is a area that most merchant services companies do not want to touch.

Our research shows that most of individuals who take in Kratom have nothing experienced positive results. If you suffer with pain users swear that it’s the only natural compound that really helps them considerably with relief.

Perhaps more clinical trials on how kratom that show it is safe for you to use if you act responsibly are needed. Similar to the ones that show you how they are trying to control the medical cannabis market. Nevertheless these type of barriers will more than likely make kratom more pricey for you to produce.

How Can My Business Obtain A Kratom Merchant Account?

As long as your business is in a state that is legal to sell kratom I should have no problem in getting you set up and activated. Simply contact me by phone or chat with my assistant at the bottom of your screen.

What Shopping Cart Platforms Are You Compatible With? 

Our high risk kratom merchant account services are supported by the majority of major platforms and shopping cart services.

Do You Have Options For Offshore Processing For International Businesses?

Yes, is a global payment processor. You will be able to accept multiple currencies. We want to help you expand your market and get more profits.

Explainer Video For you to view on our Kratom Merchant Account.

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