How To Check MATCH List

How to Check MATCH List

How To Check MATCH List

Some lists can bring your business success like if you were on the Forbes Fortune 500 List. But others like the MATCH List can put you out of business especially if you own an internet or e-commerce business .

Ideally, you’re not on the MATCH list, and if you aren’t, you want to keep things that way. The best way to do that is to have a  full understanding about what requirements can get you put on the MATCH list. What you can do if you wind up on it regardless of your best attempts and how to prevent you from being in that position all together.

So What is the MATCH List You Ask?

MATCH is the re-branded name of an older blacklist that you may recall called list the Terminated Merchant File. It was developed by Mastercard to help credit card processors recognize if you are high-risk merchants prior to boarding you.

What does MATCH Mean?

MATCH is an acronym for Member Alert To Control High-risk.

How Does MATCH Work?

When a payment processor cancels your credit card processing for factors that violate your agreement; they might send your business to the MATCH list. If you are on the MATCH you are listed as someone that the merchant provider may lose money with. It will be challenging for you to be approved for a new account even with high risk merchant account providers.

How To Check MATCH List? There’s no official notification process if you are placed on the MATCH list. When you apply for a new account and you get denied is usually how you discover that you are on it. If you are on the MATCH list but have an active merchant account you will not lose it if you keep it in good standing. The problem you will face will be your ability to open new accounts. Mastercard payment providers are required to check the list prior to opening a new account. All traditional processors will outright decline you if you are on it. As a High Risk Payment processor I specialize in this. I have relationships with banks and can get you approved. I also recognize that you are in business to make a profit so I will not charge you outrageous rates.

Why am I on the MATCH list?

Every merchant on the MATCH List is appointed a reason code that explains why they’re on it. I have attached the link below with the full code list:


How Do I Get Off The List? 

MATCH entries stay with you for five years then end. For reason code 12: ending up being certified with PCI-DSS can get you off the list. For other reason codes you have no recourse to get off the MATCH list.

The best thing for you to do if you are on the list is to be extremely mindful about avoiding careless or bad practices that threaten any of your remaining active accounts.

It’s also important for you to prevent engaging in any activities that might get you listed. That would reset the five-year clock.

If you are on the list and you need new merchant account because you were shut off by you processor contact as soon as possible. I will work with you personally and get you back on track. I’m available by phone at 617-918-7235 or if you prefer you can chat with the virtual assistant below and leave your information for me to reach out.

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