How Online Credit Card Processing Works.

online credit card processingIn the beginning of online credit card processing technology, online merchant accounts were created to allow you to accept payments online and instantly convert these payments into actual credit card sales. Slowly, however, the online integrated payment system became an industry on its own. Not only did this make online credit card processing more viable for online merchants, but it also changed the landscape of online marketing as we know it. What makes them such a popular option for companies looking to adopt online credit card processing?

Companies that embrace online credit card processing will find that they have many options available. Particularly when it comes to payment gateway software. In order for your businesses to accept payments online and convert those payments into credit card sales. Your business must first consider which payment gateway provider you will use. With so many companies claiming to offer the best gateway software, it can be difficult for you to decide. Fortunately, this is an area we are experts in online payments and understand the market.

FintechMerchantAccounts has experience and expertise with the different banks. We can help guide your business through the process of selecting the right solution.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateways are software programs designed to turn your online credit card processing transactions into electronic cash.  Typically through the use of a payment gateway. The software then composes your online merchant account, which acts as the intermediary between your business and your customer. This enables your business to process online credit card transactions immediately without having to wait for traditional bank transfers or for physical checks to clear. Since our system is usually integrated with payment processing systems, your business will often find that online credit card processing is instantaneous when you use our solution. Most online businesses process thousands of transactions per day.

To process payments online through our payment, your business will need to open a virtual terminal that connects directly to our gateway. Once this is done, your customers will be able to enter their card numbers which are then sent to our payment API. The Payment API then determines the amount of money from the card and authorizes the sale by either accessing a special online credit card processor or directly the bank. Since the payment API only knows the credit card number being used, your business must ensure that the correct card number is provided, the balance paid and the authorization code provided.

Businesses seeking online credit card processing solutions should consider which vendor is best suited to their specific needs. For example, online businesses requiring integrated payments may want to choose a vendor that offers both online and traditional payment options. Businesses needing access to PayPal as a form of online payment should look for a vendor with a payment gateway API that provides both payment options. This can ensure businesses will be able to accept all forms of payment.

Online Payment Processing

Businesses processing online credit card transactions through payment gateways will also need to request the usage of merchant account. Without a merchant account, businesses will not be able to process payments online. However, it is important to note that not all online payment gateways provide this service free of charge. Some charge a small transaction fee. In order to find out whether a particular online payment gateway provider charges a transaction fee, a business will need to read its terms and conditions very carefully. This way, business owners will be able to ascertain in advance if the provider requires a merchant account.

When you process online credit card transactions and you need an instant solution you will benefit most from using a provider like us that provides integrated payments. This type of service will allow online merchants like you to process payments from multiple online credit card processing gateways. An example of integrated payments is our shopping cart API. With an API, you are able to present the same product details to every online credit card processing gateway.

In conclusion, when you process online credit card transactions through our payment gateway you will be able to take advantage of instant online processing. Along with integrated payments. However, in order for you to take advantage of these benefits, you will first need to research providers thoroughly. To do this, you should first perform a comparison between different processors. Doing so will ensure that you receive the best online credit card processing service available.


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