How Does ACH Payment Processing Work?

ACH Payment Processing

ACH Payment Processing

ACH Payment Processing will assist your business to accept payments rapidly and safely. It provides you with an edge over your competition. ACH stands for automated clearing house. ACH Payment Processing rapidly processes each sale digitally. This removes the requirement for a paper check and costs less than credit card processing.


Because FintechMerchantAccounts gets inquiries every day about how ACH Payment Processing works. So we’ve picked the most common ones to assist you to more clearly comprehend how ACH Payment Processing can help your company.

How does ACH Payment Processing work?
How can ACH Payment Processing help my company?
Is adding ACH Payment Processing worth it for my business?
And How do I get access to ACH Payment Processing?

For an example, ACH Payment Processing can help your small business with fast and safe electronic payment processing. ACH payments are utilized to move funds from your clients bank account to yours. The funds move expediently through the ACH Network. As a result the funds deposited into your business checking account. To sum it up, ACH moves funds without requiring you to utilize a physical check, charge card, or debit card.

How Can ACH Payment Processing Help My Business? ACH Payment Processing is particularly useful if your business does recurring billing or is subscription based. Therefore, ACH payments is the solution of choice for merchants that use a free trial or continuity business model. 

FintechMerchantAccounts  provides an ACH Payment Processing system that is fully automated. As a result, this reduces your companies precious time and that will save you money. In addition that, if your company sends invoices by email you can now use our embedded “pay now” button to it. This feature is a very useful tool and can really streamline your business.

ACH Payments Will Eliminate Credit Card Chargebacks!

ACH Payments are Irreversible

ACH Payments are Irreversible

Better ACH Payment Processing Fees
I’m sure you know the types of fees that you charged by your credit card processor. For instance, interchange rates for each kind of credit card differs greatly. And the more credit cards you accept the more you’ll pay. ACH Payment Processing is far less costly than customers using credit cards. You will pay the same merchant rate, no matter the size of the transaction. You’ll be able to easily track each incoming payment while saving a ton on processing fees.

But most importantly, unlike credit cards ACH payments are irreversible. If you are considered a high risk merchant you are familiar with chargebacks. Unfortunately it is very easy for your customer to initiate a chargeback, and credit card processors will turn your account off if you receive to many. Likewise, if you are a continuity merchant you have experienced expired credit cards because your customer has had it replaced because the lost it are it was canceled due to fraud. Your customers checking account is likely to the same for years. Consequently using ACH payment processing will result in better customer retention for your business.

Easy ACH Set Up for Customers
You’ll find that numerous customers choose ACH Payment Processing since it’s easy to use. To use ACH Payment Processing, all you need is your customer’s banking information. With the one-time entry of their account and routing numbers, your customers can pay your invoices at whichever period you pick. Each payment will be automatically debited from their account, making prompt payments simple. Clients have the convenience of no longer having to make manual payments and it does not cost them any extra.

How Do I Get ACH Payment Processing For My Business?

You can get ACH Payment Processing and all of its advantages from us at FintechmerchantAccounts. Using ACH Payment Processing, instead of standard credit card processing, reduces your overall processing expenses greatly.

To conclude, FintechMerchantAccounts is a high risk merchant account provider. Providing ACH payment processing to continuity merchants who offer free trial and businesses that use e-invoicing is one of our specialties. If you would like to learn more or apply with us, you can use one of the following methods.

Fill out our contact form Here and we will reach out or email you our application.

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Or, you can call us on the phone directly at 617-918-7235.


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