High Risk Merchant Services

High Risk Merchant Services

FinTech is a reliable and reputable payment processor that offer high-risk merchant accounts services. The company partners with several different banks and backend processors to help businesses considered to be high risk and pose a certain degree of potential loss to banks, and merchant service providers get the best rates possible quickly. FinTech works with several different companies, including Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Investment Sales, and cannabidiol (CBD) vendors, making it an excellent fit for every high-risk business.

FinTech Features

Though FinTech offers merchant services for ecommerce and retail businesses, they are best known for providing high-risk payment processing. FinTech can be used to process all major debit cards, credit cards, and automated clearing house payments. This provider also has tools that accept online payments through online shopping cart integrations and gateways. 

Furthermore, FinTech offers an unlimited account that allows you to grow your business. And they provide both AGG Accounts and MID’s which enable you to set up and open an account no matter your industry and situation - so far, your business is legitimate, they get you approved.

FinTech chargeback Mitigation and Prevention

One of the unique features of Fintech is chargeback mitigation and prevention platforms. Chargebacks are a disturbance to any business but are drastically more common for high-risk businesses. Too many chargebacks can affect your merchant account approval odds and processing rates. 

Fortunately, FinTech has a couple of ways to mitigate and prevent chargebacks. For starters, the company has chargeback management software integrated into its payment gateway. This solution allows you to battle and resolves chargeback before they occur. This feature and more are one of the reasons why FinTech is the top choice when considering high-risk merchant services, and they continue to have one of the highest approval rates in the industry.

FinTech Approved Industries 

When it comes to providing high-risk credit card processing and merchant accounts and the payment gateway, FinTech has one of the widest lists of approved industries out of all the best high-risk merchant services providers available on the market. FinTech works with vape products, tobacco products, CBD products, firearms, electronics, coins, currency & collectibles, and other products. And for high-risk services, FinTech works with educational and online seminar brokers, IT support, web design/developers/hosting, SEO services, protection services, social networking websites, telecommunication services, and a lot more.

FinTech Pricing 

Just like every other high-risk payment processing service provider, FinTech does not publicly disclose its pricing. This practice is common because pricing varies based on your individual business needs and the risks associated with it. However, FinTech offers competitive pricing to several high-risk businesses. And you can easily request a quote on the company’s website.

Get Started with FinTech 

FinTech is one of the best high-risk merchant accounts providers on the market for businesses such as online service providers, CBD retailers, and coaching businesses. When you contact FinTech, one of the account managers will reach out to you to learn more about your business and discuss the most suitable option for your needs.

High Risk Merchant Services
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