High Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval

High Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval

Do high-risk merchant accounts with instant approval exist? People assume that most businesses steer clear of these businesses of the risks involved. The truth is that many businesses consider these accounts useful for multiple conditions. Your business model can fail to get an instant approval for your bad credit merchant account if you have unappealing documentation and numbers for the high-risk account. They could deny your request or take weeks instead of the usual 24 to 48 hours.

Resources needed for instant approval

High-risk merchant account instant approval does not have to take weeks if you provide the following supportive documents to support the fast procession of the account:

  • High credit score to indicate that you make your payouts in time
  • Money in the bank to showcase that you have reached a certain level of success
  • A fully-operational website that gives your clients trust and confidence in the business
  • A bank that has previous dealings with your niche in the industry
  • Valid identification of your driver’s license or passport

What are the common qualities of businesses that struggle with instant approval?

Excess chargebacks

It is rare for a high-risk merchant account to experience termination because of excessive chargebacks. The most likely scenario is higher fees and competitiveness. This case is because the merchant has to pay a fee for each chargeback, inclusive of the required administrative costs. A high-risk payment processor will have exceedingly high prices for each instance. Additionally, the prices will be higher if the merchant already operates a high-risk business.

Poor security

The nature of a high-risk business requires the merchant to exert extra caution in processing the payments. These services should have reliable detection techniques for the entire transaction process to determine the legitimacy of the transaction. Lacking these techniques will not protect the business from fraud or theft.

Poor reputation

These businesses may not have a poor reputation among their clients. They may, however, be on the unfavorable side of the law because they tread a grey area of the state’s or country’s legal stance. These industries include mainstream culture businesses like vaping companies and MLMs.

How to get your merchant account approved instantly

In-house underwriting

Choose a firm that gives its applicants an expert team to process the applications and pre-underwriting terms. They will understand the struggles of working with your particular business and the best way to cater to its needs. Fintech has a history of approving clients who are on the MATCH LIST and TMF. We have a competitive team that handles relations with banks.


The right merchant account provider will have a steady history of contact with clients. They should be able to inform you whether the chargeback ratio is enough and if you need to adjust your application documents for instant approval for a high-risk merchant account.


Some merchant providers are lenient enough to accept a chargeback ratio below 1.5 percent. This type of high-risk merchant account instant approval may be the most ideal in handling a firm with high chargebacks. Most providers will, however, only take a chargeback ratio that is below one percent. Be sure to check your merchant history to verify if it shows increasing ratios over time.


High Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval
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