High Risk Credit Card Processing

High Risk Credit Card Processing

There are plenty of credit card processing companies that accept high-risk business types. Some of these companies specialize in a high-risk business, while others consider the high-risk section to just be a part of their overall business. FinTech is one of the best  high risk credit card processing companies on the market for high-risk businesses. 

FinTech Payment Feature

A payment gateway provides the connection between the bank that processes any credit/debit card transaction and online payment. FinTech offers a payment gateway that is compatible with most payment processors, shopping carts, and POS. FinTech has partnered with the best POS manufacturer in the industry to provide a state-of-art POS payment system that provides great technology, and what makes it more interesting and unique is that the system is free of charge to all FinTech merchants.

In addition, FinTech offers a PayPal Alternative that will streamline your business and let you run more efficiently by giving you the option to accept payments online with the “Pay Now” option, Text Message, or Email Invoice and the company’s latest feature Image Capture.

Whether your business requires payment gateway or EMV PCI compliant terminal for a virtual terminal or face-to-face transactions, FinTech will accommodate your needs at no cost so long you process with us.

Support Poor Credit

FinTech stands out from other merchant account and credit card providers because it specifically works with merchants with poor credit. A credit score can have a huge role in getting a merchant account, especially with bigger processing companies and banks. FinTech is a high risk credit card processing company that understands that there is more to approving an account than a bad credit score, so they based their decision on your business model. This feature has earned the company an extraordinary track record in approving the high risk merchant account of those with bad credit.


FinTech does not disclose its high-risk merchant account fees. While you might think they simply don’t want to reveal their pricing due to high costs, the major reason is because pricing has to be modified for each merchant based on a number of factors.

However, FinTech does charge a monthly fee of $35 for e-commerce businesses that require a payment gateway to connect to their online shopping cart. In addition, they also charge an authorization fee of $0.30 cents and a virtual terminal set-up fee of $99. 

FinTech Customer Support 

FinTech offers dedicated customer support. The company does have an in-house support team that is available by phone and email. Usually, customer service is one of the most complaints about most high risk merchant account providers. The fact that FinTech doesn’t have lots of complaints about its customer support says a lot about them.

Closing Thoughts

FinTech appears to be a focused, reliable high risk credit card processing company. Keeping in mind FinTech welcoming attitude, fair business practices to high risk merchants with poor credit, and lack of complaints, it is a great company that works with merchants that might not otherwise have a chance to succeed.

With an incredible high-risk merchant pay reviews, knowledgeable customer service, valuable features, FinTech is a good choice for high risk merchants.

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