It was a pleasure for me to be the guest on Guerillarpreneur, The Art of Wagering Small Business War, hosted by Mark Anthony Peterson. Mark is a very talented “Guerillapreneur” who I have a great deal of respect for and I enjoyed our discussion. Below is a summary of what we talked about and the link for you to tune in.


In this episode, we talk to Ed Corona, founder of the Fintech Group, the company that is making it easy for startups and high-risk businesses to collect and access capital. According to Forbes Magazine, small businesses created 65% of the net new jobs over the past 17 years. Despite that track record, small businesses and startups are finding it increasing difficult to access the capital to needed to activate their business plans. Forbes further confirms that “Venture Capitalist reject 98% of the business plans submitted to them. The Jumpstart our Business Startups Act of 2012 was implemented to address this problem by giving small businesses and startup the ability to offer equity using a crowdfunding framework. The Fintech Group makes requesting and receiving funds easy.

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Listen to the full episode here: