eCommerce Merchant Account Take Your Business Online!

FinTechMerchantAccounts offers everything you need for your eCommerce business to process credit cards online from your website.

We can assist you with your eCommerce site with credit card processing and payment options to reach your new and existing customers worldwide. Our application is complimentary and you can reach us directly for answers anytime.

Quick, Reliable Payment Gateways for your Online eCommerce Store

The payment gateways used by our banking partners ideal for you to process credit card payments online. Our payment gateways are PCI DSS compliant. We process e-commerce transactions in real time. Because of this you will be notified immediately whether an order was approved or not. You will also be able to accept any currency which will give you the ability to expand internationally.

We’re Going To Need To Know A Few Things

In order for you to obtain an international merchant with us the process by having a conversation with you. As part of  our pre-qualification we require to understand particular aspects of your company. Such as:

Who are you selling to? We require to know that you’re eCommerce merchant account will be used for a legal, genuine product and services in one of the countries NOT on our list of prohibited nations list.

Preferred currency: We can process in most currencies and provide payouts in your currency of your choice.

Your processing history: Do you have bad credit, an imperfect processing history? If we are not able to provide you with credit card processing we may have an alternative option for you.

 Monthly processing volume: If your involved in multi level marketing, nutraceuticals or maybe CBD, your current payment provider may set a monthly volume limit or cap. Because high volume tends to lead to chargebacks, a second eCommerce merchant account is an alternative. It will cut your volume in half which in turn will cut your chargebacks in half.

High ticket size: High ticket transactions tend to put banks on the defensive. That is because it can become costly for your business to refund your customers. 

eCommerce Merchant Account