Denied Merchant Account Help

There are many banks and merchant services processors who will decline a merchant account approval based on what they consider to be a “High Risk Merchant” and require a “High Risk Merchant Account” to process their credit card payments . However It could come from a number of other reasons as well:

Industry Type:

High chargebacks, high ticket products or reputational issues (online gaming, online dating).

The merchant’s payment processing history:

Flawed or do not have a history of accepting and processing payments.

Geographical location of a merchant or business:

Certain regions of the world that experience discontent or high rates of scams.

What is a high risk merchant to do when he can’t get a merchant account approval?

Mainly, a merchant needs to analyze their business model to reveal the reasons a merchant account approval wasn’t granted. Here are 3 sectors to ficus on to get that approval

Clear, Concise Business & Marketing Plan:

6 Key Elements to include when considering applications from startup organisations, we’ll accept a good marketing strategy if the applicant has little or no processing history. Whether you’re an e-commerce startup business or a longtime owner, providing a sound marketing plan can only enhance your case for an approval.

It should contain these six crucial elements:

Marketing plan: Google Ads? Facebook Advertisements? Processors wish to know how a merchant prepares to market their product or service.

Sales predictions:

How much earnings do you anticipate to raise in the very first year? The very first three years? Utilize your best, realistic judgement.

Rates & Pricing:

Be ready to describe the reasoning behind your prices. Is it consistent with the marketplace for the product you’re offering?

Return policy:

A practical and clear return policy must be prominent on your site.

Contact information:

Whether it’s an e-mail form or telephone number (preferable), contact details need to likewise be easily located (finest on the front page) of your site.

Security features:

Customers feel far more secure making an online purchase when checking out a secure (https) site. Utilizing safe and secure sockets layers and 3D safe processing is advised.

Solid Personal Credit:

When finding payment processing for a company, having strong individual credit history help in determining the rate but it not a deal breaker, we have approved scores of merchant’s and have a solution for bad credit merchant accounts .

Be Transparent, We Will Work With You

We get numerous inquiries each week from merchants looking for banking services for high risk approval and offshore merchant accounts. We likewise speak with lots of merchants whose ‘organisations’ show distinct signs of scams, which, we expect, comes with the territory:

Inconsistent rates and price points for products on their websites

Blank areas or vital info omitted from a merchant account application

Using an email address that does not match the website

Telephone numbers that are not answered

Acquiring banks and payment processing companies are going to ask questions, sometimes a lot of them to find out more about your service. Our suggestions to merchants is to show complete transparency when looking for a merchant account approval. Wants to get your Merchant Account Approved:

Discovering the best payment services can frequently be a tiresome deflating procedure. At FMA, our merchant account managers are on your side. Everyone wins when we discover secure payment processing services for our merchants.

Take 10 minutes for a conversation with a live merchant account supervisor today at 617-918-7235. We will recommend a solution that best fits your needs and  we do not charge fees until we get you your merchant account approval. provides businesses that have been denied a merchant account help, which is why we are the leading go to provider for businesses that have had their application “turn-downed”, denied or shut off by Stripe or Square. Contact us today for an application to apply.