Credit Card Processing and The MATCH List

If you’re reading this post, it’s most likely that you have simply found out that you are on the Terminated Merchant File, likewise referred to as the MATCH list. There’s a good chance you’re amazed by this news, however felt confident– you are not alone. Numerous high risk merchants who wish to start accepting card card payments for their business are disappointed when they find out that they’ve been positioned as TMF and are unsure what this may mean for the future of their business. Take a deep breath, and allow us to explain what to do next.

What is the MATCH List and How Can I Start Accepting Credit Cards?

MATCH stands for Member Alert to Control High-Risk and was produced and is handled by MasterCard. It is a list of accounts to serve as a warning to processors in order to screen businesses during the underwriting process.

While the thinking for preserving a list like this has its merits, there are some downsides (specifically if you we anticipating accepting charge card quickly for your company). MasterCard itself does not confirm or validate the accuracy of the list. In their own words.

” It is possible that information has actually been wrongfully reported or erroneously reported … (or) that scenarios and realities generating a MATCH report might undergo analysis and disagreement.”

Usually, if you are put on this list, you will not be able to get an approval to begin accepting charge card through any U.S.-based processor until you remove yourself from the list, or have the ability to successfully challenge the thinking for placement to your processor.

The great news is this: if you are on this list, we can help. has actually successfully approved MATCH list merchants and have options, call us today to discuss in them in greater detail.