Bitcoin is headed UP. The main reason is that there will be more cryptocurrency buyers in the future and that blockchain technology offers a unique solution to solve many issues such as banking, supply chain, and counterfeits. The millennials have a lower barrier to entry for cryptocurrency investing. They are just beginning to invest. So, in 10-20 years, the price of bitcoin would be 10x-100x more.
Steve Kuh
Bitcoin will remain on top for now.  We can expect modest price increases through the end of this year. With that being said, this space is moving rapidly and the need for more stable cryptocurrencies and the desire for faster transaction speeds only mean that Bitcoins days are numbered as the standard for crypto.
Jeff Hood
On Bitcoin, consider me a bear. While I think the crypto market is diversifying and there will be a lot of growth in some of the newer blockchain-based businesses, Bitcoin itself has long past its peak. It’s facing an increasingly competitive market with more innovative coin offerings, and all this new competition means that BTC may never again reach the dominant status (or $20,000 price) in the industry that it once had.   David Ambrogio is a consultant with Pelicoin , a leading Gulf South Bitcoin ATM network.
As our collective faith grows, the price of Bitcoins (or Hickcoins) will continue rising, until one day the price will crash. The tears will be bitter. The self-pity will be palpable. Our innocence will be torn asunder. We have been fooled once again. Jerry W. Thomas is president and chief executive of Decision Analyst Inc.
I think Bitcoin will continue to go down in value. It’s had its chance to be a shining star, and because of this, its current value is very overinflated. My prediction is that it continues to go down and that there will likely be a Bitcoin value crash in the near future of 1-2 years.
Stacy Caprio
Financial Blogger, Fiscal Nerd
For Bitcoin, I’m a short-term bear and a long-term bull.
The whole crypto complex is in a secular bear cycle. A lot of hype has been taken out of the market as ICOs have recently received more scrutiny by regulators and investors.
I expect Bitcoin to make new highs once we enter another adoption cycle brought about by new technology or a more urgent need for its capacity as a currency or store of value.
At this moment it’s more likely we’ll see Bitcoin dip below $4500 before it reaches new all-time highs.
Eric Kovalak
Managing Partner, CEO
Vellum Capital LLC
Vellum Beta Fund LP
I am very bearish on bitcoin.  Pure and simple, it is a bubble and “investors” should avoid bitcoin like the plague.  Stocks have earnings and dividends, and bonds pay interest. Bitcoin (and gold, for that matter) produce no stream of cash flows or earnings. They really produce nothing except the hope that you will be able to sell your position to someone for more than you paid for it – the greater fool theory.
Some people have likened the recent rise in cryptocurrencies to the Gold Rush of 1949.  I think abetter analogy to the current market for bitcoin is “Tulip mania” experienced in the Dutch Republic in the 1630s.  During this period, a single tulip bulb sold for multiples of what a skilled laborer could earn in a year, despite the fact that these bulbs had no earning power.
That doesn’t mean an investor should go out and short bitcoin.  Remember the words of economistJ ohn Maynard Keynes who said “The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.”
I have no idea where the price is going in the short-term,but believe it will approach zero in the long-term.
My favorite quip about cryptocurrencies is from octogenarianT. Boone Pickens who said “At 89, anything with the word “crypt”in it is a real turnoff for me.”
Robert R. Johnson, PhD, CFA, CAIA, Professor of Finance, Heider College of Business, Creighton University