Best Online Merchant Accounts

Best Online Merchant Accounts

Best online merchant accounts

Merchant service providers give businesses the freedom to accept card transactions online or in person. Importantly, most of them also offer payment processing solutions like gateways. These solutions are crucial to scaling for online businesses. If you’re looking for the best merchant service provider for small businesses, FinTech Group should be one of your top considerations. We have a track record of providing seamless and quick payment solutions for low and high-risk industries alike, and we can bet your business won’t be an exception.   

How do you evaluate online payment processing companies?

When choosing a payment processing service provider for your small business, it’s essential to carefully review your options and go for the best. Below are some of the factors that can help you determine the best online merchant account for your business:

Pricing and fees: the best credit card processing company for your business should have competitive subscription and transaction rates. Various fees such as flat-rate, membership fees, interchange plus, and general pricing structures must reflect industry rates. However, you should know that the specific rates for your business or industry may differ as the circumstances warrant.

Ease of use: Online payment processing platforms must be user-friendly for merchants and customers alike. Furthermore, they must not be stressful to set up and integrate seamlessly with popular ecommerce platforms.

User reviews: User reviews provide useful insights into how a platform serves its clients and attend to complaints. If the merchant account for e-commerce provider you’re considering doesn’t have great reviews, you should proceed with caution.

Customer service: The nature of the payment processing business is such that it’s impossible to have seamless transactions all the time. In the event of blips and complaints, the best online merchant accounts must attend to the complaints quickly, own their faults when they are wrong, and take the necessary steps to make things right.

Security: Since you plan to trust the platform with your money, you must confirm that they are relatively impervious to security breaches. You can get information on how secure a platform you’re considering is by reading online reviews on open forums.

The kind of businesses they serve: The best online merchant account for your business should have a history of working with other businesses in your industry. For example, a lot of payment processors are notorious for turning down businesses in ‘high-risk’ industries. Perhaps you’re involved in the cannabis or MLM industries; you might need to look a tad bit harder to discover the best platform for you.

FinTech Group ticks all the boxes

Even if we do not like to blow our trumpet, we can’t help but admit that our online payment processing services tick all these boxes. We are convinced that we offer the best credit card processing services for small businesses. Thinking about proving us wrong? There’s only one way to go about it- request a quote for our services and give us a trial.
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