Bad Credit Merchant Account Approval

Consumer credit reporting firm, Experian, estimates that 30% of Americans have bad credit. Those with bad credit have ratings between 300 – 600, have the least access to excellent loaning opportunities. On the other end of the spectrum, only 22% of people have incredibly or excellent prime credit with ratings between 781 and 850, according to the information. The rest  fall someplace in the middle of the two groups. This data does not take into account the new businesses who have bad credit because their companies didn’t work out. Large banks and mainstream credit card processing companies do not have a tolerance to onboard  a merchant that has bad credit. If legitimate businesses want to accept credit card payments, they must turn to a high-risk merchant services company. concentrates on high-risk merchant accounts and uses tailored payment solutions that enable bad credit merchants to succeed by providing chargeback management tools, a payment gateway, and fraud filters.

 Things Underwriters look for and how to increase your possibility for approval.

If your business website does not have strong privacy and refund policies posted, the elements will adversely impact your application. Having a negative bank account balance, unpaid bills and late payments, and a history of high chargeback rates are an example of some of the things will work against you and limited your choices of options and payment solutions available.

The best way to prepare for an underwriter’s review, is for a merchant to be organised with a good marketing plan, and have enough amount of money in the bank to support the business. is a leading payment processing company that provides Bad Credit Merchant Account Approval, ACH and e-check processing to small businesses nationwide. If you have been denied merchant services contact us today to get approved and start accepting payments within 24-48 hours.