ACH Payments

A complete ACH payments platform, designed for growth and ease.

Accept ACH payments with FintechMerchantAccounts powerful API platform developed to help you capture more profits. We designed this system for businesses who can’t wait 3-5 days to receive their funds, our platform deposits fund the same day or the next day to your business bank account. Think of how this time frame will improve cash flow for your business.

Other advantages of accepting ACH payments 

ACH Payment PlatformThere are many reasons why ACH payments are becoming the preferred payment method for small businesses.

Reduced processing fees

ACH payments are economical. The processing fees are priced lower than any other payment option. As an example, If you use a payment processor that offers a flat rate, processing ACH payments will cost you significantly less money than accepting credit card payments. This is especially true for the credit cards that offer “rewards” to their cardholders. It is important to understand that you as the business owner ultimately absorb those fees.

No declines due to expiration dates

Unlike credit cards, your bank account does not have an expiration date. Consequently, you will not have to handle declines when you process ACH payments. If you own a business that does a lot of recurring billing, you know the impact that this can have.

More convenient for your business

Payment OptionsWith our API you will have more functionality. You can send proposals and e-invoices out with our embedded “Pay Now” link for frictionless payment. In addition, you can automate billing with customizable invoices, payment schedules, and billing calendars. 

More options for your customers

When you provide a variety of payment options to choose from, your customer will have a better experience. So consequently the more payment options you offer the more sales you will make.

In Summary 

FintechMerchantAccounts is a leading payment processing and billing management company. We provide tools and solutions that allow you to accept payments easily to streamline your business. FintechMerchantAccounts offers ACH, RDC (Remote Deposit Capture), e-debit, and e-check with same-day deposits, and credit card processing all in one place. If you have any additional questions you can call us directly at (617) 918-7235.

Risk-Free Trial

To automate the way your business processes ACH payments, pays invoices, pays vendors, and gets paid. Start your risk-free trial now. Click HERE for a contact form and we will send you a link to access a demo account. You can also request the link by providing your email address to our virtual assistant at the bottom of your screen. (We will never share or sell your information or spam you.) We use an API so there is nothing to install or download and you can access it from any computer or mobile device.

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