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FintechMerchantAccounts is a merchant services company specializing in ACH payment processing and e-check/e-debit solutions. We designed our platform for businesses that accept payments by e-invoice billing as well as recurring billing for subscription and membership businesses. FMA can also accept and approve high-risk merchants, including those who offer a “free trial” continuity business model.

You can streamline your business and operate more efficiently by accepting payments by the following methods:

Over the Phone: Simply enter the customer’s payment information in our API.

On your Website: Just copy and paste our HTML code on your site to create a “Pay Now” button.

By Invoice: Create customizable invoices and proposals with an embedded payment link on our API and email your customer to effortlessly receive your payment.

Text Message: Text the payment link to your customer when they click on it they will be directed to the API to check out.

Image Capture: Have your customer write you a paper check and send you a photo of it. Upload the photo to our API and we will process the image.

Automated Recurring Billing: Seamlessly schedule recurring payments on the dashboard and we will debit payments as requested.

We settle payments and send deposits to your bank either the same day or the next day so you do not have to wait for your money and there is no reserve. If you are ready to grow your business, sign up right now for a demo account by filling out the contact form. We will send you a link and login credentials so you can play around with all of the features. If you think it is a good fit simply activate the account when you are ready. If you have any questions you can also call us at 617-918-7235.

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