Accepting Payments Online Small Business

Accepting Payments Online Small Business

2020 has the highest number of consumers who want to make online payments. Mobile payment options are on the rise and have the highest growth percentage. The number of consumers that make mobile purchases is at double its previous state in 2010, after rising from seven percent in 2010 to seventeen percent in 2017. Customers who accept a variety of payment options use an average of four payment methods each month.

Different forms of accepting payments online for a small business

Online credit and debit cards

Enabling your clients to send you payments with the credit card is the most basic way of accepting money. This feature involves using merchant services or an intermediary holding account. Using one method over another means you could get very different business processes and funding times. It is essential to determine the best option for the business by evaluating the most likely outcome of each option.

Accepting ACH payments and eChecks

This method is as popular as the first because it is relatively easy for the customer. The customer inputs the following data from their paper check to begin the online payment process:

  • Routing and account number
  • Amount
  • Name
  • Authorization

The payment goes through an electronic process that eliminates the importance of the paper check. ACH processing is under the management of the National Automated Clearing House Association and usually has a variety of transaction fees. These online payment services for small business owners offer better security and time conservancy because one does not have to wait for a mailbox card.

Mobile payment

The ability to buy and sell products online requires that the customer has fast access to their funds. Mobile payments have become increasingly popular because they offer fast confirmation reports and allow businesses to send immediate invoices.

Fiserv Research reports that seventy-nine percent of households own a modern mobile phone, which indicated a twenty percent increase from 2014. They found out that a bigger percentage of these numbers prefer mobile payments and do not have significant concerns about losing their information to online criminals.

Online payment gateway

A simple payment form allows customers to make direct payments to websites. Returning customers have the option of creating accounts that will save their data for fast and easy transactions. The service provider’s settings will determine how the website owner customizes their forms and requests data from customers.

Email invoices

You can send the customer details and receive payment after a couple of clicks. Email invoices give the customer the ability to pay and receive receipts in seconds.

Recurring bills

Another popular form of digital payment options for small businesses is by using a recurring billing system. The option is convenient for customers because it guarantees timely payments and allows enterprises to maintain the organization of all pays without delay.

Which are the best payment processing companies?

A preferable firm will have a wide array of payment tools for small businesses. FinTech includes an average of ten types of merchant accounts that will fit your personal and business demands. Our goal is to give you a payment option that will reduce transaction fees and give you a decent revenue return.


Accepting Payments Online Small Business
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