Accept Credit Card Payments Online

Accept Credit Card Payments Online

Fintech Group is considered the best company to work with if you need to accept credit card payments online but have been turned down by your bank or local financial institution. Online credit card processing is a must when building a business on the Web, but your approval could be in question if you fall within the category of high-risk businesses. There are many ways to accept credit cards on your website; contact one of our specialists who can walk you through the steps of applying for a high risk merchant account. We want to see you succeed.

What is the Best Way to Accept Credit Card Payments Online?

Most new business owners think their own bank will be responsive to their request for a merchant account; it’s only after receiving a rejection that it becomes apparent that the bank is not your friend. Don’t let a single denial keep you from moving forward in your quest to grow a successful Web business- FinTech Group has a solution in mind. We say yes to our clients when all other lenders and financial agencies say no to your merchant account. We can make it possible for you to integrate credit card payments and Shopify payments into your Website’s PayPal payment portal, so more customers and clients can do business with you.

What Makes FinTech Group the Right Fit For Your Business?

Compare our services and rates with other merchant account providers and you’ll quickly see that it’s our unwavering commitment to your success that sets us apart from the crowd. We’ll connect you with a payment processing solution that fits your budget and makes it possible for you to expand your business worldwide. Our payment processing services include the following features:

  • No reserve account required
  • Recurrent billing
  • Integrates with all major gateways and shopping carts
  • Built in chargeback mitigation
  • Next day deposit of funds
  • The highest approval rate in the industry
  • No upfront fees

Read Our Reviews

See what our clients say about our services when you type the name FinTech Group into your preferred directory. If you’ve come up against a wall and can’t see any way to move forward, you’ll find we are a strong advocate for businesses like yours. Many of our clients are in the high-risk category, as well, and have found that our payment processing solutions are the best way to go.

Guaranteed Merchant Account

What if your merchant account was guaranteed before you even applied? With FinTech Group, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will not receive a rejection notice from us after applying for a merchant account. Chat live with one of our agents right now or call a FinTech Group expert who can answer your questions and help you get set up today- so you can accept credit card payments online immediately. With FinTech Group, all business types qualify for a merchant account with online credit card payment processing. Contact us today and start accepting Credit Card Payments for your business.

Accept Credit Card Payments Online
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