Accept ACH Payments

Accept ACH Payments

EChecks and ACH have a lot of similarities and often play interchanging roles in different context structures. ACH payments and electronic cash involve moving money from one bank account to another through electronic means, while eChecks are a payment format.


EChecks liken paper checks because they do not use authorization from the sender’s bank. Contrastingly, the bank receiving the details will often authorize the transactions and handle risks in a format that favors the user. They have the combination of the transaction and authorization in one document.

Should you accept eChecks?

The process of using eChecks involves opening an account with the eCheck processor. Using eChecks processed through the ACH network is one of the most secure forms of payments. It has backings from the United States Treasury and banking institutions. EChecks are a recent technology that did not exist during the launch of ACH processing.

ACH payments

ACH processing uses the information of the affected bank account to manage pays and designate credit to an account. The information you give to make a payment or pay a bill is known as ACH. The process makes it easy to pay bills or receive payments from a job’s payroll system. ACH is under the management of particular entities that use the bank’s information to establish recurring debit. It processes the debits quarterly or monthly and is applicable in updating the payment amount for the customer to use.

Benefits of accepting ACH payments

Low transaction fees

ACH payments have transaction fees that are lower by at least one to three percent. This comparison is between ACH and common processing methods like credit cards.

Tight security

Including ACH payments in your eCheck payment format lessens the occurrence of fraud because payments do not go through third parties. It is also unlikely for you to miss your payments because the process does not include paper checks that could go missing in the mail.


ACH payments are preferable because they save time you would be spending to chase customers who do not make timely pays.

What is the standard ACH Payment Process Time?

ACH payments are the exact opposite of eChecks because they go through an electronic processing system instead of the mailing system. The payment can complete within twenty-four hours.

A standard ACH payment can take three to five days through the average payment portal. This case is evident in common transaction portals like American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. Some payment portals extend the processes by a couple of hours or days to allow the arrival of ACH return codes.

The process of ACH Payment Processing

An ACH transfer depends on the belief of transferring good funds and relay of correct data between all involved financial institutions. Incorrect payment will often have the accompaniment of the bank’s notification through the NOC.  

Choosing to accept ACH payments through FinTech allows providers and financial institutions to received ACH batch documents, such as utility bills and credit card payments on the same day. These additional windows allow fast transfer times and for the processing to be on the same business day.


Accept ACH Payments
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